1. Toyota Chihuahua Opening

    Toyota Chihuhaua
  2. 1st Place in Administrative Performance

    Since 2013 Toyota Chihuahua has achieved 1st place in Administrative Performance, managing to stay in the first place for 3 consecutive years.

  3. Kia Juventud Opening

    KIA Juventud
  4. Toyota Delicias Opening

    Toyota Delicias
  5. Takeover Operation

    Subaru Chihuahua
  6. Body & Paint Toyota Chihuahua

    Body Paint
  7. Toyota Monclova Opening

    Toyota Monclova


Our main focus is to continuously improve all of our processes and activities with the only purpose of providing the best experience possible to all of our customers in the markets and industries where we compete. Therefore, achieving our most important goal: the total satisfaction from all our clients, associates, and suppliers.


To be recognized as a leading business group for the quality of products and services that we offer, our positive social impact in the community, and the total satisfaction of our clients and associates.


  • Customer Service Attitude: We develop in all our associates an Attitude of Customer Service, and to be alert for any opportunity that might present.
  • Positive Attitude: We present ourselves with positive attitude to any adversity.
  • Commitment: In loyalty to our group, we owe ourselves to our customers, society, and the environment, seeking to always be change agents.
  • Honesty: Always speak with truth, clearly and respectfully, and behave congruently.
  • Integrity: We drive professionally under moral and ethical standards, which allow us to be always present.
  • Continuous Improvement: (Kaizen): We reinvent ourselves in every opportunity.
  • Order (5 “S”): We respect others by respecting processes. We have what we need in place and work in harmony.
  • Respect: Every person is unique and unrepeatable, so deserve our decent treatment. In the same way we respect the institutions that represent our society
  • Solidarity: We are obligated reciprocals in our organization to achieve common good.

At Grupo HG we are committed to support our society with our resources and time. We believe that common good is achieved when a synergy between all the members of a community exists. We motivate our associates to volunteer in the different activities and projects that non-profit organizations promote.

Mujer con Valor

We work to promote dignity, good habits, and values to women no matter their background or economic situation. The purpose of this organization is for women to learn about themselves, find a sense of acceptance, and to overcome anything they want in life.

Grupo Promesa

We support the first sustainable environmental education program in Mexico.

Foro de Emergencia

We are involved and dedicated in building a better, more cooperative, solidary, and generous society that helps to whoever needs it.

Rodrigo Montoya

Grupo HG, orgullosos patrocinadores del talento deportivo.



Toyota Chihuahua

PASST Level 1 - TOY Automotores, S.A de C.V 2017

As a result of our desire and commitment to be better and always provide quality service, Toyota Chihuahua, under the guidelines of TSM Kodawari Program by Toyota, begins a new stage by adapting the Japanese theory of Kaizen, “continuous improvement”, into our working culture. With the implementation of Kaizen into our lives, together with effort and hard-work it allowed to standardize the existing processes to establish the right conditions for the daily operations, quality, and satisfaction of our clients.

TSM culture and Kaizen’s “continuously improving” theory, consist in inspiring every associate that integrates the Toyota Chihuahua family with a humanistic focus, to analyze and contribute effective and efficient solutions, and therefore achieve continuously changes in the workplace that will improve our processes. With this certification based on the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, in 2013 Toyota Chihuahua achieves the highest standards of quality service that Toyota recognizes worldwide.

Each Toyota Certified Used Vehicle will count with a 3 year warranty (using as the starting date the day the car is sold) or up to 130,000 km of the total life of the vehicle. This warranty covers any repair or change of parts that are included in the Warranty Policy that we give with every Toyota Certified Used Vehicle.

TSM Kodawari FIRM, EDER and DERAP Recertification

Environmental quality Recertification - TOY Automotores, S.A de C.V 2018

Toyota Delicias

PASST Level 1 - TOY Automotores, S.A de C.V 2018

Environmental quality Certification - TOY Automotores, S.A de C.V 2017

Toyota Monclova
KIA Juventud

PASST Level 1 - HGK Automotriz, S.A de C.V 2017

Federal government program that allows to integrate an environmental management system that enables the normative compliance; its evaluated in a holistically, systematically, and objectively way and documented of how a company, its employees and its associates operate with the objective of protecting the environment.

Subaru Chihuahua